Inviting warriors to pause with intention.




Take a look at this month's

post and wander through

the past pieces. Find a visual that catches your eye and let it inspire you!




Gain a little

insight into how you

might use the image

and question to influence

your daily pursuit.




Want the scoop?

Find out more info about the what and the why.  Discover more resources to find your own rhythm of intention.



How do I use it?

Pause:  Let your eyes take in the image and possible caption.

Listen:  Now from that part of you that desires growth, read the questions and notice what stirs within.

Follow: Choose just ONE thing that comes to mind. Weave it with intention into your journey.


Can you give me an example?

In the March, 2015, image of the stunning bald woman, a response might be:

"I know that I've been afraid to let my creative side show in meetings because I don't have professional training. I've always wanted to explore those urgings in my head and use it at work. Next time when there is an opportunity I am going to ask to be involved!"

(Noni Gasa: 1st African to be featured in Vogue Italia.)

Take in the way she brings her face forward.

Notice how she sculpts her brows, the boldness of her freckles.

Her baldness and full lips shout "I am here!"

She has a growl about her.

I need what she has.