Inviting warriors to pause with intention.



Dear Fellow Warrior,


So... you’ve ventured over with curiosity. I’m glad! This idea has been a long time in the dream stage. It's fun to be able to share with you its unfolding.


What is Samurai Sabbath?


What do you mean by "warrior"?

I can't get away from the fact that besides life being a blast and invigorating, it is also very tough. To be a woman of character and to influence well, it takes alot of fight. It takes guts and sweat and many, many long days and nights. Those who are willing to stay in the fight are warriors.


Where did the title "Samurai Sabbath" come from?

I’m deeply drawn to Japanese culture as well as my own Jewish heritage. I’ve had a “waking dream” depicting myself overlooking white tents in a forest where warriors come to rest and recover and get sent out again. I know that I am meant to build those tents and minister out of them. So combining my interests… I took a Japanese term for warrior and the Hebrew term for rest.  I see these “warriors” as Samurai needing rest and reflection.


Why are you doing this?

Simply put, I am called to help develop women into warrior women -- and to help them to be “good” women at play. By that I mean I see the need and feel the call to be a voice to women for encouragement and movement towards doing the hard things, knowing their voice and humbly staying in the fight. In essence - to be “good” women. By “play” I mean not running from the tension, having those conversations, willing to get messy and seeing this journey we are on as an adventure.


What is your inspiration?