Inviting warriors to pause with intention.



NOVEMBER, 2015 - Your own permission slip!



Saying no to "good" things can

seem wrong. But when your mind,

even your body, longs to slow down,

you must draw boundary lines

with grit and guts.

You can say YES to you.

Give yourself permission!


*I'm practicing this YES to ME by

pausing this monthly email for

2 months. I will be back, Feb, 2016!

OCTOBER, 2015 - Feeling weathered and spent?



Sometimes you feel

weathered, broken, spent.

And then the backdrop

changes and the

lighting adjusts.

You are an art piece!

SEPTEMBER, 2015 - Look up!



Sit on a swing.

Lay on the ground.

Nestle in your bed by the window.

The sky above showers

you with perspective.

Take a pause to look up!

AUGUST, 2015 - Keep stepping!



Sometimes it feels like

crazy making.

The journey you are on is hard.

Like trying to walk on air.

Keep stepping!

JULY, 2015 - Take a curious step.



The steps of the journey ahead.

Full of the unknown.

Well traveled by those who have

gone before.

If viewed afresh, they can appear

curiously vibrant!

JUNE, 2015 - The uncomfortable.



There are those

moments. As a




when you come upon

something that stirs up

"the uncomfortable" within.

Disheveled hair.

Snotty nose.

Stained smock.

And yet...

Completely abandoned expression!


(She's living it up in Nepal!)

MAY, 2015 - Disheveled delight!



There must have been a moment before she placed herself in the limelight. Toes to the line.

Ready to step in.




(Chantelle Brown-Young is

a Canadian model making waves.)

APRIL, 2015 - Toes on the line!



MARCH, 2015 - Bald women are stunning!



(Noni Gasa: 1st African to be featured in Vogue Italia.)

Take in the way she brings her face forward.

Notice how she sculpts her brows, the boldness of her freckles.

Her baldness and full lips shout "I am here!"

She has a growl about her.

I need what she has.