What is it?


Project coaching is getting your project or idea sorted out and moving towards a successful outcome. It involves asking questions, sorting through information and developing tasks and goals that are manageable. It's cutting the elephant down to size and probably painting it blue along the way! (Just kidding... but that might be fun!)


Why would I need it?


If you have a project or idea that seems overwhelming you could benefit from another perspective to bring organization and movement. In addition, that project or idea might be boring you to death and you would love a dose of creative brainstorming to help it come to life.


What are some examples?


• An executive coach was too busy to brainstorm the refinement of her business collateral. We offered creative direction and production of pieces until she felt a breakthrough.


• An administrator needed to inspire her team towards working better together. She went into her next meeting equipped with a visual presentation that facilitated a deeper connection.


• A VP received a new project that would have global implications. Overwhelmed with ideas and deadlines, it was handed over to chart out, find holes and propose solutions. He walked away with a clear head and a plan of attack.


• A small business owner who produces handmade products wanted to do his own marketing but needed another eye and suggestions on which way to go. He came away from our time together educated and encouraged.


• A director at a national organization was handed the task of working with hundreds of volunteers across several states. We organized and edited the stacks of information and spearheaded the production of a volunteer manual.