What is it?


Leadership coaching is not therapy nor is it like your high school coach with a whistle.




It’s like having a partner who listens, asks piercing questions then challenges and holds you to what you desire most in your leadership. A leadership coach comes alongside you and walks you through transformation. The key is, you must be willing and ready for it.


Why would I need it?


Leadership coaching may be for you if you:

• Have felt restless for a sustained amount of time

• Constantly think that you are missing something or just can’t get traction

• Would like to figure out what you really are meant to do

• Have been given responsibilities that overwhelm you

• Know that you get more accomplished if you are held accountable


What does it look like?


Pointed questions with honest discussion happen over regular meetings. Accountability, thoughtful assignments and encouragement are given to move you in the direction YOU desire. Time together happens either face to face or over the phone. The time frame is usually 3-18 months.


What are some examples?


• An entrepreneur was overwhelmed with the busyness of starting things up on the side of her regular job. They were challenged to listen to what they really desired and learned how to set boundaries which brought more peace.


• An executive exited her last position and wanted to start her own company. She is a visionary but lacks structure. She profited from regular focus and accountability.


• A educational leader had hit a low point. She was exhausted and lacked confidence. She wanted to gain back her edge and didn’t know where to start. Her path to change happened over a year of exploring what was going on, setting goals and learning a new perspective and skills.