Why should I consider a personalized consultation?


Let’s schedule a free appointment to evaluate your needs. You may need short term consulting, regular accountability or even hands on help. No matter the need, customized service brings exciting results. Inevitably you will experience being heard, championed, and given a road map out of your mess.


What makes you the best choice?


My life journey has been full of peaks and valleys drawing me to regularly practice pause, listen, and follow to keep chaos at bay. I personally know the success of using this rhythm to lead effectively. I also have an uncommon makeup of both right brain creativity and left brained analysis. This results in me being able to offer you both structure and unique techniques.


How do I contact you?


Jennifer Whiteford

Leadership and Project Coach


5218 East Drive

Loves Park, IL 61111


P: 815.871.3199

F: 815.877.3676